About Us

Every item to be used for family members who are new to life is very important for their health and pedagogical development.

For this reason, the quality of the materials used in the production of toys, the substances contained in the paints and their contribution to the intellig...

Why Wooden Toy?

Our puzzle types are very fun and educational for your children.

These educational toys, which you can choose according to your child's age group and level, will both entertain your children and contribute to their mental development.

We have many ...

Healthy Toys

In order to positively affect the development of our future children, the thing that should not go unnoticed while making them play with educational toys; how healthy toys are.

All of our toys have successfully passed child health and tests and received their certificates.

Bemi Toy offers our children the healthiest toys. You can use our toys with peace of mind....


Educational toys for the child; It enables the development of many skills such as thinking, knowing, perception, recognition, abstraction, grouping, concept development, reminder, reasoning, keeping in mind, focusing attention, problem solving, creativity.

Children with educational toys; establishes relations such as events and objects, cause-effect relations, similarity, part-whole. By ranking and grouping t...

Have Fun With Your Family and Friends!

The intelligence and strategy games of Bemi toys are full of games that you can spend time with your family and friends by both having fun and training.

While developing the sense of belonging to your children, you can ensure their mental development instead of just having fun. This will enable them to be m...