Educational toys for the child; It enables the development of many skills such as thinking, knowing, perception, recognition, abstraction, grouping, concept development, reminder, reasoning, keeping in mind, focusing attention, problem solving, creativity.

Children with educational toys; establishes relations such as events and objects, cause-effect relations, similarity, part-whole. By ranking and grouping these relationships according to the order of occurrence or a specific feature, they develop their mental abilities.

Educational toys for children; It enables to learn various color, size and shape concepts.

Children also recognize the situations of the things in the space. (there, behind, on the side, etc.), in other words, the concept of space develops in the child.

Educational toys played with groups enable children to communicate with each other. This contributes to the development of children's receptive and expressive language skills.

The child learns new words with educational toys designed to support the child's language development. Improves the skills of describing a situation or an event, asking questions, and answering.