About Us

Every item to be used for family members who are new to life is very important for their health and pedagogical development.

For this reason, the quality of the materials used in the production of toys, the substances contained in the paints and their contribution to the intelligence development of children are important points.

Bemi Wooden Toy, taking into consideration the sensitivity of you parents, we aimed for our children to develop positively in every sense and to grow up with healthy toys.we set out with the vision of producing the healthiest toys for children in 2008.

With our product quality and customer satisfaction, we ensured the Bemi brand to take place in the sector in a very short time. We also increased our product range based on the needs of our children.

Today, we have become a giant organization that sells domestic and abroad as a high-capacity factory with more than 100 kinds of products. We will continue to think of your children as much as you do in every phase up to.